Marketing Strategy

Create custom marketing and advertising strategies.

Sunny Valley Creations works closely with each of its businesses to create custom marketing and advertising strategies. This being said, it is extraordinarily important for you to build a brand for your specific small and/or large business. Branding is the marketing practice that allows you to determine a name, symbol, or design that truly distinguishes your business from others. When identifying your brand you should consider important factors such as experience, cost, and quality that you may offer. Sunny Valley can not only help you evaluate and brainstorm your business's mission and the benefit and features of your services and products, but we go further than that by actually committing to the brand and putting it out there through marketing and advertising in your local and extended community!

The services Sunny Valley Creations offers includes and is not limited to website design and operation, printed media, magazine advertising, newspaper advertising, custom graphics, social media, and much more. Our company is able to offer professional photography of your products, facility, staff, and any other important aspects that may define your specific brand. These marketing and advertising materials will enhance your business immensely and will allow you to be viewed in the local economy as well as worldwide via the internet. Some of the ways in which we make your business stand out among others is by having your business become unique through the use of distinctive papers, colors, fonts, photos, and logos that will instantly give your prospective clients an impression of your business' brand.

Along with the photography and design aspect of branding your business with Sunny Valley Creations, we also offer professional copywriting services for your businesses materials, website, and all online content such as blogs and social media. This is crucial in developing a professional and highly appealing brand for your business because it shows your business in the absolute best light. Having a business with professionally designed brochures, business cards, and website will draw potential or existing customers in by appealing to them with a catchy look and easy to understand concept!

All of your custom design needs in one place.

Combining all of these services is the main reason Sunny Valley Creations stands apart from any other design company in the North Country. Our knowledge, expertise, and professionalism will allow us to take care of all of your marketing and advertising needs by building your brand from start to finish! Having the ability to handle each of the main aspects of marketing and advertising will keep your businesses brand distinct and appealing to your existing customers as well as potential clientele. We hope we can help your business with its brand as well as all other marketing and advertising needs in the near future!

Marketing Materials


Custom advertising and branding for your business.

Sunny Valley Creations works closely with each business to create custom marketing materials for advertising outlets such as websites, printed media, magazine ads, newspaper ads, and more.   Sunny Valley Creations can help you brand your business starting with a new custom logo.  SVC may also create custom graphics for your online applications such as a website or social media.  SVC offers professional photography of your products, your facility, or your employees to enhance your marketing materials.  Sunny Valley Creatoins offers professional copyrighting services for their business materials, website, and online content such as blogs and social media. Combining all of these services is one place is what sets SVC apart from any other design company in the north country. 

Social Media Marketing

Consulting and design services for your social media.

Social media is increasingly popular, and a great place to brand your business and build your customer base!  Sunny Valley Creations provides social media consulting and design services for businesses and individuals.

Word-of-mouth marketing tools

Social media is “social”!  It is THE perfect word-of-mouth marketing tool. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, You Tube and Google+ are an excellent way for clients to get to know you, the business owner, and your business! This is also a great place to run promotions, contests, and news.  The people who follow your business on social media are your potential customers. They have chosen to follow your business, and learn about the products and services you are offering!

Deciding which social media works for your business.

The most common questions that Sunny Valley Creations gets are; which social media outlets should we use and how often should they be updated?  First of all your content should always be up to date. This is crucial for marketing your business online.  The social media outlets you choose will depend on the type of business you have.  Social media consultant, Roxanne Herres, will work one-on-one with you to review your business and create a Social Media Strategic Marketing Plan.  Roxanne will review your current social accounts, or help you create new ones.

Knowledge and experience of Sunny Valley Creations

Roxanne's experience as a social media consultant has led her to be invited as a guest speaker at several workshops.  Roxanne also works one-on-one with business owners, or managers to find out what works best for their business, and their schedule.  During a consultation we will review custom communication, branding, positioning, lead generation, social competition, creating content, and analyzing results.

Social Media Marketing

• Facebook Business Account (Set-up of business page)
• Twitter Account (Connect Facebook and Twitter)
• Social Bookmarking (Active Bookmark Feature)
• Google Plus Account
• Blogger, Blogger account and Custom Blog

Email Marketing

Grow your business through email marketing. 

Email marketing can be a great way to stay in touch with your customers.  Sunny Valley Creations will create an email marketing strategy for your business!
Sunny Valley Creations offers two simple and effective email marketing strategies.

1. Setting up personal email accounts for your business such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2. Setting up our Newsletter Integration Feature.  Click here to find out more.

When we design a website for your business, we can add the Newsletter Integration Feature.  This is a unique feature that you can’t get from any other web design company.

Our Newsletter Integration Feature allows website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter by using their name and email.  Simple!  You can email them as often or as little as you want.  To have a successful email marketing campaign we recommend you schedule your newsletters  to go out at the same time daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.  This will give your loyal subscribers something to look forward to!

If your clients are not subscribing to your newsletter, there are strategies to invite them to do so.  On an individual basis, Sunny Valley Creations will strategize a plan for initiating new newsletter subscribers for your business.

Our Newsletter Integration Includes:
Multiple newsletters
Multiple templates
Multiple subscriptions
Newsletters are personalized automatically using subscribers name.
Sign up Module
Import and Export Email Lists
Scheduled Newsletters
Statistics Report
Subscribe and unsubscribe feature
Newsletter posts automatically to your site
Email test newsletter to see what they look like before mass emailing.

Email Marketing Strategies
Sunny Valley Creations expertise with design and marketing can help you come up with an email marketing strategy for your business. With consistent brand design, consistent content, and constant schedule you can have successful email marketing.

Start your email marketing campaign today!